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Expertise Highlights

We have expertise in:

  • Muscle structure and biochemistry.

  • Evaluating attributes of meat quality: tenderness, texture, colour, water binding.

  • Integrating stunning, stimulation and chilling procedures to optimise meat quality.

  • Hot boning and novel processing techniques.

We can provide you with custom solutions:

  • Troubleshooting meat quality problems: tenderness / colour / purge losses.

  • Providing processing options to improve efficiency and product quality.

  • Audits of meat processing specifications and practices.

  • Integrating processing procedures to optimise meat quality: stimulation / chilling / storage.

  • Develop pre-slaughter stunning procedures for animal welfare and meat quality.

Our research and development work is focussed on:

  • The environmental and genetic contributions to meat ageing.

  • Mapping the enzymatic and biochemical changes that occur when muscle turns to meat and determining the factors contributing to meat quality variability.

  • Developing novel tools to predict meat quality attributes.

  • Modelling electrical and mechanical properties of muscles.


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